Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Me and Shaun

I have finally had some time to get the blog under way. The shop opened about 2 weeks ago and I honestly don't know where the time has gone.  The shop has changed with every stock arrival.

French Rustic Chic
The shop has distinct areas.  In this room the new oak floor is fresh & clean so it suits the French painted look.  Lots of shabby chic accessories make it a really bright, feminine space. 

This room leads through to this area. I put a tough sisal carpet down in here and it gives the room a warmer atmosphere.  The stock in here is quite masculine. Lots of wood, leather, wool, metal & antlers!

There's a great display area from the door from the courtyard.  It is a bit more stocked now than when this photo was taken!

Upstairs has a certain "rustic charm"!  The floor has seen a lot of use and is showing wear but I like it!



  1. Your shop looks amazing, I think you'll do so well there, wish I was able to visit, good luck.xx

  2. Wow Moira...I am LOVING it...can't wait to visit...will probably be after Easter holidays now tho:(....x

  3. I'm scrolling backwards through your blog looking for the bears I saw in the shop on somebody else's blog...hahahha....what fun and what a lot of "stuff" you have happening in here.....


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