Wednesday, 20 April 2011

I Am Here!

Last week saw my signage finally going up! It was very exciting to see my rather "hippy" home-made effort being taken down and something far more professional getting put up.

The guys from Rood Signs did a great job in manufacturing exactly what I wanted.  And the guys even removed a wasps nest for me! Now that's service!

The Estate has even updated the sign in the car park so I feel totally "Official" now!
The Estate Signage

Yesterday I was in Harrogate ordering, believe it or not, Christmas stock! Yes folks, I am that organised! The autumn/winter goodies were also chosen.  I'll give you a sneaky peak of what's to come. 
Fabulous Cable Knit Set of Storage Boxes
Chunky Cable Knit Pouffes

Thursday, 14 April 2011

It's Time........

.....for new stock! 

These fabulous Newgate clocks are just in. I do feel like I'm stuck in the land that is forever ten past ten though!

I did put a battery into this cute little alarm clock, it's been years since I've heard an old fashioned alarm clock!

These fun telephones have just arrived, they are functioning! I can't wait to try one! The noises the old dial makes is so nostalgic. Just sold the chrome telephone as I was writing this post!

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