Wednesday, 20 April 2011

I Am Here!

Last week saw my signage finally going up! It was very exciting to see my rather "hippy" home-made effort being taken down and something far more professional getting put up.

The guys from Rood Signs did a great job in manufacturing exactly what I wanted.  And the guys even removed a wasps nest for me! Now that's service!

The Estate has even updated the sign in the car park so I feel totally "Official" now!
The Estate Signage

Yesterday I was in Harrogate ordering, believe it or not, Christmas stock! Yes folks, I am that organised! The autumn/winter goodies were also chosen.  I'll give you a sneaky peak of what's to come. 
Fabulous Cable Knit Set of Storage Boxes
Chunky Cable Knit Pouffes


  1. the sign looks fantastic
    and I see chunky knits are going to be big this autumn/winter
    p.s. I will eventually get out to meet you

  2. Hi Debz, yes, get your knitting needles out! I'm here nearly everyday so pop out when you can, look forward to meeting you!

  3. Thanks for a lovely afternoon, the shop is amazing in fact shop just doesn't do it justice, it's an experience love all the different areas and levels and could spend a fortune can't wait to start mixing up the paints and seeing what they can do, then there's the monstrosity of my Mum's old table to tackle - might just give it to you to play with! Congratulations and enjoy, you should be really proud of what you've done in a such a short time x

  4. Thank you Jacqui! It was great to see you, it was such a lovely day it all adds to the "experience" as the location is so fab!!

  5. Love the look of all those chunky knits , Moira.
    And the new signage is great. Looking forward to being over again soon
    Anne x


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