Saturday, 28 May 2011

Wax On, Wax Off!

 I have finally finished painting projects that have been incomplete for weeks! I took advantage of the fact that the shop had been quiet and got stuck in to the painting.  But once projects are painted they have to be waxed, and to get a nice sheen it takes that heady mix of wax + elbow grease!
  This was an un-finished pine bureau. I gave it one coat of Old Ochre then applied clear wax and antiqued the edge with dark wax to give a worn/aged effect.

I decided to go for a contrast paint on the inside and chose Arles as I hadn't used it before. It's a lovely, warm colour and it complimented the Old Ochre beautifully.  Never one to stop when finished a project, I then used my favourite LOVE stencil and applied a crackle glaze! I am happy with the result and particulary like the contrast finish of the inside. 
 Next for the finishing treatment was a small stool that I had upholstered in a Sanderson fabric some time ago! I had already painted the frame pink but I decided that Olive was far more suitable.
I rubbed back the Olive to reveal the paint underneath then applied a clear wax finish.

Final project to finish was this pew which had a coat of Paris grey, then I applied a lime wax , really just to see what it would look like! It ended up with a lovely driftwood look to it and I made a cushion in Ticking fabric and the wee Toile dog just sets the piece off!


  1. Love them both Moira! so inspiring!

    Judy x

  2. Great work Moi ,they all look stunning !!! Looking forward to Wednesday.
    Anne xxxxxxx

  3. These are all amazing, love all three, just need a little win in the pools or the lottery then I could do some serious spending, need another trip soon. Good Luck for Wednesday x

  4. Yummy seeing Arles on a piece's the only colour I have never used.
    Isn't the liming wax a treat? I love it...totally changes the look of any of the colours :)

  5. O.K. between your website and the recommendation of Kath and Buddy, I am very intriqued by the Annie Sloan paint products. I do not see a way to buy/try from your website. I am wondering if they are available for sale in the USA? I live near Omaha, Nebraska, kind of in the middle of the United States. Thank you so much for your reply.
    Linda Slattery

  6. Hi Linda, I have emailed you a link of all the North American stockists, I'm sure you will find a supplier near you.



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