Tuesday, 7 June 2011

New stock & a paint fix!

This handsome fellow is cast bronze and weighs a ton! He looks majestic on the wall!

This side table has a lot going for it, it has shelves for display, a drawer for storage & two extendable leaves!  It would look great in a hall or a bedroom.

Now this cute slim cupboard is just tres chic! It has a distressed finish and lots of character.

The final "French" piece is this beautiful 3 tier, bow front shelf unit. The lovely detailing makes it a very elegant focal point of any room. I love it!  The glass jars are so cute! They have little birdies on the lids!
Now for a paint fix!!!! This tea trolly was a very sad and shabby looking affair.  I looked at it and thought of bygone days with tea-ladies pushing a trolley laden with empire biscuits & a huge pot of tea!!
As per Annie Sloan paint, no sanding or preparation needed! My "vision" with this piece was very much 1940's stylee soooooo with a couple of coats of paint and a WW2 motto, the background to the original poster is very interesting, read it here


  1. LOVE the trolley ,Moi , can't wait to see the new stock tomorrow
    Anne xxx

  2. loving all the new stock...will be popping over soon for another paint fix...good luck with today's demo...hugs kath xxx

  3. what an inspired take on the keep calm poster - stunning


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