Thursday, 23 June 2011

Workshop Number One!

Today was the first Annie Sloan paint workshop.  I probably could have sold the six places at least 3 times over!  I was delighted with the response and even more pleased when I saw what the fabulous tutor, Cait from Carte Blanche, got the workshop girls to produce.
Cait Whitson from Carte Blanche
They techniques being taught were a 2 colour distressed finished, a textured aged finish and decoupage or stencilling with a crackle effect.
Karen & Gail working on their charger plates

We worked on a variety of pieces.  I thought it would be fun to paint on useful objects rather than just produce sample boards.  This was a bit of a time challenge as we were aiming at having 3 finished items each at the end of the class, but as Cait is such a brilliant tutor, it all worked out perfectly.

Busy bees!

Everybody produced a candlestick, a peg rack and either a small tray or a charger  plate.  It is great to see everyone's different ideas and how someone will choose a paint combination that you would never have thought of and it looks amazing!

Dark wax being applied

When you work with the Annie Sloan paints you quickly realise that the idea you had for your project can quickly change!  Sometimes you reach a point where you are happy and don't want to do any further effects or sometimes it's the opposite.  Each piece has to be taken on it's own merit, and go with the flow!

Proud painter!



The techniques used are all skills that can be applied to larger projects such as tables, dressers or kitchen cupboards!
Susan in the picture painted her pieces with the same base colour, this gave her a truly individual "set" of hand-painted pieces and looked extremely professional! Clever girl!
Her tray was decoupaged with fab French hens.  She is also a star as she took along extra aprons for everybody, love her!


 Another Miss Smarty-Pants ended up with a lovely set of pieces, hmm, kindamakes me think that the Ladies Wimbledon Trophy could do with a make-over?

I didn't get everyones finished items photographed but I can assure you that each & everyone was worthy of 10/10!  Thank you so much to all that came and of course a HUGE thank you to the talented Miss Cait who, by popular demand, WILL be coming back soon!


  1. Lovely day Moira, it was so great to see the shop finished, you have it all so nice. What a great bunch of students too!!! Looking forward to my return already.

  2. I can't wait for my first workshop! Good work ladies!

  3. Very green here looks like everyone had a super day.

  4. As long as it's Antibes Green Erika!

  5. hi cant wait to get a place on your workshop X


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