Thursday, 11 August 2011

For the Birds...

Looking around the shop I noticed there are quite a few feathered friends in stock at the moment, so I've decided to do a wee "featurette of feathers"! (I know, it's the weather, damp rot of the brain)

Sweet vintage postcard design coasters, 4 different birds on each coaster. Coaster have proven to be a good seller, a great gift to take when visiting!

These boxes have a tile insert, again with four different bird designs.

Whooo's this little fella?  A rather sweet door stop, that's whooo! They come in twooo different designs, makes it difficult toooo choooose!

These Lovebird tea-light holders remind me of Kirsti's blog!
It's the Live/Laugh/Love sentiment of course.

Ever popular chickens and cockerals.  I think that with more and more people keeping their own hens anything with a poultry motif is going to be popular! 

But wait a minute...what's this?  These French Hen crates
seem to have more than just flowers in them......No, it can't be.  Not at this time of year, these little blighters don not want to stay in their box until October!


  1. Great featurette Moira, hope you've Tweeted it !LOL !
    Love the new feathered friends products ---Fabulous !
    Anne x

  2. yes a great excuse for some tweets...they are all gorgeous...hope to visit soon...hugs kath xxx


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