Thursday, 4 August 2011

Gone Fishing?

No, I haven't been up to my waist in the River Dee, even though it's only a stone's throw from the shop!  This past month has been extremely busy with lots of new customers plus it's great as I now have regulars who visit every week!  The weather has been a mixed bag, well, mainly a soggy bag of drizzle & downpours! But I'm ever hopeful we will STILL get a summer. 
Lots of lovely new things in the shop this week, the "Gone Fishing" signs are just in, perfect for this location!

Beautiful fabric covered notebooks  with a Peacock or Butterfly design with lace & ribbon detail .  A lovely gift that is sure to be appreciated.

This gorgeous valet stand in a distressed painted cream finish will leave you no excuse for not hanging up your clothes at the end of the day!  I particularly like the twist detail on the legs and the two little drawers for any pocket contents, which in my case would be string, screws, hair bobbles and the occasional rogue Polo mint!

I know, I know, Zebra print is not everyones cup of tea but isn't it fabulous!?  It's everything you are looking for in a statement chair, it's got animal print and leather with studs, it's bold, it's big and it's comfortable! If you want to give your interior scheme a centre piece, look no further! 

Mind you this antler effect chair is definitely a conversation piece. What it lacks in the comfort department it more than makes up for in style!  It is a chair that demands attention and it looks like it would trip you up if you walked by it without so much as an admiring glance! Be warned!

Finally an inspirational note to leave you on.


  1. loving the new look blog and even more so all the new don't half know how to tempt a girl...see you soon hugs kath xxx

  2. mmmmm cus , need you to make over my blog , can't wait to see the new stock on Monday.
    Anne xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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