Saturday, 3 September 2011

Re-Invent Your Shelf!

This set of shelves is typical of a piece of furniture which can be given a total make-over with Annie Sloan Chalk paint. Orange pine, nothing special and very dated! So before you think about throwing things in the skip, read on and see how easy it is to transform your old pine pieces!
I used a mix of Versailles and Olive.  The two colours are extremely complimentary.  Olive is now discontinued but I'm sure there are many stockists who still have pots, myself included.  Chateau Grey is a good alternative as it's a lighter version of Olive.



I decided that I would try mixing the paint together as I painted.  I poured both colours into my tray and didn't mix together, just allowed it to blend as I brushed it on.  This technique gives a lovely, interesting, relaxed effect.   They key is to not worry too much about an even colour.  I did two coats of the "mix" then used Olive round the edges.
Once I was happy with the overall look of the paint on the shelves. I applied a coat of clear wax then used dark wax around the edges and on the tongue & groove.  I think the dark wax gives real depth to the paint and makes the shelves look like they have always been that colour! I hope I have inspired you to give it a go!


  1. fabulous job have certainly provided the inspiration...but where do I find the time...hugs kath xxx
    love the new pic

  2. Thanks Kath, luckily the paint is very quick drying, so no excuses!!

  3. Wow those shelves are amazing! Are they for sale ??? They would look amazing in my craft room!

  4. I love these shelves, love Annie Sloan chalk paint. Wish I lived closer so I could come and see all of your treasures.

  5. Sorry Judy -- sold them today
    Anne x


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