Thursday, 20 October 2011

Paintery People!

Two workshops held this week, so it's been kinda busy but great fun!  It was the usual Shabby Chic Paint Techniques with Annie Sloan chalk paint. We also cover some decorative skills which can be applied to enhance the piece of furniture that you are painting. The workshop is ultimately about gaining confidence with the paint AND the waxes, which can be more daunting that the actual paint itself!

I hope that by gaining skills with the all the different media it can open your eyes to the possibilities of transforming even the most mundane piece of furniture. You will suddenly see panelling that would benefit from a swipe of dark wax, a bit of detailing that can be enhanced by a hint of gold leaf, a little corner that could take a cute butterfly decoupage, a door that could take merest image of a damask stencil....your mind will see old furniture in a completely different light! Well I hope it does after the workshop!
What is great to see is everyone using the same materials but getting varying results. It is the beauty of the Annie Sloan paint. I learn new things at each workshop as techniques are given individual interpretation. Above is the team from the workshop held at The Sew Room . A HUGE thank you to Anne for allowing me to make a mess of her lovely workspace in her fab new shop and for all her help. She managed to "Sloan" some stencils in between washing all the brushes!
At todays workshop I had a "guest presenter" in the shape of George Crichton. George is a painter and decorator to trade and is embracing the possibilities of the Annie Sloan paint.  He transformed a kitchen door over the course of the workshop.  George offers a traditional painting and decorating service but is happy to quote for kitchen transformations or to paint a large piece of furniture which you may be too apprehensive to tackle yourself!            
All in all it's been a busy week with lots of enthusiastic paintery-types now let loose in the Aberdeenshire area!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Due To Popular Demand!

I have been holding off in putting the festive stock out BUT due to customer demand I have conceded and here is a small taster in all it's sparkly, Christmassy glory!
 Birds are a bit of a recurring theme in the shop, from penguins to sparrows, I have even had a visit from a real robin which flew in one Saturday afternoon!  These chrome & white penguins are quite contemporary and not overly festive.
These little felt fellas have been desperate to get out since they arrived weeks ago! They are finally free to roam around the shop!

Introducing Bruce the Moose! he's proving to be very popular and doesn't look quite as menacing as this photo shows him to be!                              Pretty little vintage style decoupage decorations, very nostalgic, like old school paper scraps.
Not so much a Christmas decoration as just a beautiful ornament. This "Resting Fairy" is incredibly sweet and I'm sure she's keeping an eye on the penguins!                                                          Silver Poinsettia tea-lights and candles, lovely gifts and almost too pretty to burn!
I have a range of Wax Lyrical candles and perfume lamp burners, all beautifully presented and scented! Sparling Snowflower is a gorgeous white range with a delicate fragrance.

There's so much more in the shop to see and I will post more pictures of the Christmas stock as it arrives!
For a non-festive update, I am really pleased with this shot of colour in the shop, it's very easy on the eye!

Friday, 7 October 2011

The Sew Room...So Inspiring!

Exciting news......My very lovely, creative and talented cousin Anne, has opened a shop in Alford called The Sew Room! A great new concept in creativity! At The Sew Room you will find wonderful fabrics, trims, kits, gifts and the most important thing of all, expertise!
Anne is there to offer advice, tuition and regularly runs workshops.  If you need a bit of one to one guidance on a project you can book a slot with Anne and she will guide you step at a time until you are confident with your skills. 

Chateau Grey, Henrietta & Cassis Ticking

Anne also sells finished products many of which are from her own designs and patterns. The Sew Room is also a stockist of the famous Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and has the fab range of fabric too! So you can transform a chair into a co-ordinated masterpiece! In fact EVERYTHING in the shop has been "Annie Sloaned" by Anne! So it's a wonderful showcase for both! Pop over to The Sew Room blog for more information.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Paint Techniques Workshop

To help everyone appreciate the versatility of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, I run a workshop which basically demonstrates how to achieve certain finishes.  It's a great opportunity to use the paints and get used to using wax and how you can affect the paint very simply but effectively.
Yesterdays workshop was good fun and all who attended worked very hard, I am a slave-driver don't you know!  Unfortunately, due to my incompetence, the camera didn't store the photos taken over the afternoon, so sorry to all who attended.
Skills learned were how to achieve an aged and textured look, works brilliantly with Antibes or Emperors Silk.

We painted candle sticks using  a cracked-effect which we then waxed, aged and then applied a  little bit of paint-tinted wax.  The results were all great. Everyones came out slightly different. It's a  tricky technique but all managed, no problem!
Applying the wax can be a daunting prospect if you've never done it before so the workshops are an ideal opportunity to gain confidence.

We also managed to do a distressing technique, stencilling , decoupage with a crackle finish AND even a bit of gilding, phew!
I do allow a break for a well deserved coffee and a cake. But only for 20 minutes, lots of painting to be getting on with! 
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