Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Due To Popular Demand!

I have been holding off in putting the festive stock out BUT due to customer demand I have conceded and here is a small taster in all it's sparkly, Christmassy glory!
 Birds are a bit of a recurring theme in the shop, from penguins to sparrows, I have even had a visit from a real robin which flew in one Saturday afternoon!  These chrome & white penguins are quite contemporary and not overly festive.
These little felt fellas have been desperate to get out since they arrived weeks ago! They are finally free to roam around the shop!

Introducing Bruce the Moose! he's proving to be very popular and doesn't look quite as menacing as this photo shows him to be!                              Pretty little vintage style decoupage decorations, very nostalgic, like old school paper scraps.
Not so much a Christmas decoration as just a beautiful ornament. This "Resting Fairy" is incredibly sweet and I'm sure she's keeping an eye on the penguins!                                                          Silver Poinsettia tea-lights and candles, lovely gifts and almost too pretty to burn!
I have a range of Wax Lyrical candles and perfume lamp burners, all beautifully presented and scented! Sparling Snowflower is a gorgeous white range with a delicate fragrance.

There's so much more in the shop to see and I will post more pictures of the Christmas stock as it arrives!
For a non-festive update, I am really pleased with this shot of colour in the shop, it's very easy on the eye!

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  1. loving all the new stock moira but those festive robins definitely have my name on them...see you next week...hugs kath xxx


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