Friday, 24 February 2012

Call Me Old Fashioned...

The telephones I ordered at the trade show have arrived and they are fantastic! So cool! They are all fully functional with a push button dial. The 1950s style Diner Telephone is my favourite. It has slots for coins and makes a proper "kerching" noise when you deposit a coin!
 It comes in cream, black & chrome.  The desk telephone comes in black & chrome. It is a really "weighty" phone and feels great to use.  Now for those out there of a certain age you will remember the Trim Phone, I couldn't resist when I saw them. I had flash-backs to the telephone table in the hall and our dog going mad everytime it made it's shrill ring!
To add a bit of glamour to the shop I have brought in a range of necklaces.  They are vintage style and incorporate watches, charms, lace & leather.
It's just too difficult to choose a favourite!

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  1. Love the phones , Moira , and it's definitely too hard to choose one of the new necklaces -- they're FAB -- maybe have to have two !!
    Anne xxx


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