Friday, 10 February 2012

Time to Buy

This week I spent two days at a trade fair in Birmingham at the NEC. All I can say is my poor feet have just about recovered!  The NEC is HUGE and this years show was bigger than ever with 20 halls open.
It was great to see all the stands even in the sectors that are totally unrelated to what I do! My other half came with me and he was determind that I should buy this chair and desk.

I have to say I was tempted and may well buy them for later on in the year.  What I did buy, however, are these telephones, just fell in love with them. And what's not to love about a '70s Trim phone, which incidently is called that because "TRIM stands for Tone Ringer Illuminated Model: it was the first phone to ring using a modern electronic warbler rather than the traditional bell mechanism".
 Don't say you don't learn anything from my blog! I have to confess that I also did some Christmas stock buying, I know, it's ridiculous in February, only just packed away last years decorations!
After two days constant walking it takes a few days for the old legs to get back to normal, not all of us opted to make full use of the "Rest Zone".


  1. Wow this looks ace Moira...I especially love all the clocks in the top photo...I have a bit of a thing for

    PS going to try and book another paint workshop with my neighbour!!

    Kirsti xx

  2. Hi Kirsti! Hope to see you at a workshop soon!


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