Sunday, 5 July 2015

Let's's been a while!

Yes, Rustiques is still very much alive & kicking!  I have to admit that the past couple of years have just flown by and as the business has grown I have neglected the blog, well, abandoned really. I feel bad, and I am back on board with it and hope to be posting regularly with renewed vim and vigor!(Hmm, sounds a bit like cleaning products).

Well, what is new? For a start I opened a second store in May 2014 in Inverurie, Aberdeenshire. So that really has taken a lot of my energy. A bit like having a second child I suppose, it's waaaay more than twice the work! I have also been working on the website, which I am adding to continually. The staff role has also increased and with permissions pending (they are a shy bunch!) I hope to introduce you to all the wonderful people who support me on a daily basis. Without them Rustiques would not!  
Stick with me folks as I continue my journey, I hope to give you insights as to what the Rustiques "concept" is all about, the people who make it work, the suppliers & how we choose stock, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and all the exciting buzz around the paint & sundries and not forgetting the customers without which we couldn't succeed!

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