Wednesday, 8 July 2015

The "F" Word(s)

Epitome of Frippery - A Decorative Key!

Before anyone has an attack of the vapours, this is not a Parental Advisory or explicit post!  I have recently changed the Rustiques tagline to "Purveyors of Fine Furnishings and Frippery". Just say it out feels good to wrap your chops around such a great bit of alliteration doesn't it? But, what the heck does "Frippery" mean? I hear you think. Similar to another great "F" word, "Falderals", their meaning is a bit all over the place as they are fairly ancient words, but the definition I have taken is this:
An embellishment, ornamentation, a decorative object of no significant use, a gee-gaw(I have no idea, but it sounds great, and let's reintroduce it into common parlance).
Tiny Wooden Owls - Cute vs Use!
Anyway, you get my drift. Sometimes we just want to own a thing because we like it. It appeals to us. It possibly stirs a memory, or relates to our aspirations. Or it would just look fine and dandy on our mantle piece. The point being, everything we own should have a function, especially if that function is to make us happy.

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