Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Add Humour to Your Home

What is conjured up in your mind when you hear the descriptions "pleasingly distasteful" or "so bad it's good"?  I'll give you a clue, starts with K. Nope, not that well known American/Armenian TV family, it's a genre and movement that comes in and out of favour and currently it's on the rise. It's a style much beloved by hipsters and the middle-aged alike, KITSCH is cool man!
Budgies, not just for Nana's

But, as with every reincarnation of a trend, the 2016 version has it's own definition.  Lava lamps, for example, they are what most people see as kitsch. Yeah, well they were kitsch immediately after the first one was switched on in all it's globby, glowing glory in the 1960's.  Nouveau kitsch is about being bold and confident. The idea is not to turn your home into some sort of 1960/70's shrine but to introduce fun, humorous and stylish additions to your home that are conversation starters, memory jolters and classic designs. 
Where to start when the high street is awash with second hand shops?
Flamingos, eccentric elegance.
Think about your parents or grandparent homes, the 
items that are still in our memories from childhood and that you have possibly loved and loathed in equal measure for years, then think "ooh, how great that would look in our lounge/hall/toilet". My own foray into the world of kitsch is a 1960's radiogram. It has the most wonderful mechanism and the sound is pretty impressive, playing records is just such a treat.
My own Radio Gramophone
My tip is 
 GO BIG, go bold. A small coupling of wooden deer maybe authentic 70's style but they'll have the impact of a limp handshake and frankly, look odd.....unless styled well. Place under a large glass cloche or group with other interesting items. 

Create a cloche collection like this great one from Cathe Holden

Create a Kitsch corner. Be confident. that none of your friends would have the balls to display a large nail and string picture in their dining room!

My Top Nouveau Kitsch Must Haves:
1.  Ceramic animal ornaments, grouped together.
2.  Flamingoes. In any shape or form, as long as they are big. And pink.
3.  Macrame. Plant holders, door curtains or hanging owls.
4.  Nail & string pictures, particularly of sailing boats.
5.  Pineapples, not necessarily the plastic ice bucket kind.
6.  Cacti. In any form.
7.  Any working mechanical/electrical gadget from 1960/70.
8.  Aprons when at home (not the wipeable kind). Try it, you will be a convert.
9.  Retro glassware.
10.Photo albums. With actual photos. With comments. And pages.
A trio of pineapples, because, why not!